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Webroot is a software-producing company that deals in cybersecurity and threat intelligence. Webroot has arrays of products in its arsenal that can satisfy people belonging to various occupational genres. To check out various Webroot Products, please visit webroot.com/safe .

The content below will guide you through the downloading, activation, and installation procedures for Webroot SecureAnywhere on MacOS devices.

How to Download Webroot SecureAnywhere on your MacOS device ?

Follow these steps to download the Webroot SecureAnywhere on the MacOS device.

       Start with entering a "Safari" web browser on your Mac device.

       Access the given link webroot.com/safe to gain access to the official Webroot website.

       Enter the official webpage, there you will find "For Home" and "For Business" options on the top of the screen. Choose one according to your need for the Webroot product—[NOTE- "Home" Webroot product provides antivirus protection and internal security for your device. The "Business" includes some advanced protection services to ensure the safety of your credential that will save you from data theft].

        Point the cursor on the desired options, and the drop-down list will allow you to choose the specific product from the list. Select the specific Webroot product by tapping on it.

       Then, you will be sent to a webpage containing an interface that will show you the price to be paid according to the variables. You will notice the number of devices on the left and the number of years for which the product will be valid on the right. You can choose "three" as the maximum number of devices for which you are purchasing the product and can extend the period of validity to "three" years (max).

       After you have selected the product and the variables, tap on the "Add to cart" button below it.

       You will be redirected to the payment gateway where you need to enter the billing details, including name and email id and other mandatory details with the card details for payment below it.

       Complete the checkout formalities.

       You will receive the Webroot product setup file (with .dmg extension) on your device that will get downloaded automatically on your device with a mail from Webroot. The email contains the product key to be entered during the activation of the product.

How to Activate Webroot SecureAnywhere on your MacOS device ?

Follow the downlisted steps to activate the downloaded Webroot product on your Mac device.

       Open the "Finder" tool on your Mac device. Enter "downloads" to view the recently downloaded files on your Mac device.

       Search and open the Webroot setup file (wsamac.dmg) by double-tapping the file.

       The installation wizard opens in front of you; press "Open" if you are prompted for confirmation regarding launching the setup file. 

       In the Webroot interface, you will have to select a language for the wizard application. Select the language from the drop-down list.

       Now, you will observe an empty field to enter the key code to activate the product. Enter your keycode that was received through the mail. Press the "Agree and Install" option to proceed towards the installation process.

How to Install Webroot SecureAnywhere on your MacOS device ?

Read and follow the lead of the steps given below to successfully install the Webroot product on your MacOS device.

       Post entering the keycode and pressing the "Agree and Install" button, you will get a dialogue box with two fields to fill. You need to fill in your Mac username and password and then press "Ok" to proceed further into the process.

       In the interface, you will observe an option to open the "System and Preferences." Click on it using your cursor.

       You will enter your Mac device settings by now, search and tap the "Security and Privacy."

       Press on the "Privacy" tab on the palette present at the top of the screen. On the left side of the screen, select the "Full disk access" button.

       If you see that the padlock icon located at the bottom left is locked, then tap on it and enter your Macintosh username and password, and press "Unlock."

       You will come across the app list after unlocking the padlock; You need to click the plus sign option to the app list's right.

       You will see a new window appear on the screen, locate and tap on the "Applications" option.

       Search and choose the "Webroot SecureAnywhere" and select the "Open" option to proceed.

       You need to tick the "Checkbox" beside "Webroot SecureAnywhere." As soon as you get a pop-up dialogue box, press on "Quit now."

       You will be directed towards the application interface again, there tap on "next," located at the bottom right side of the interface.

       In this step, press "Install Extension" present on the installation wizard interface to proceed.

       After the extension installation, click on the "Finish" button present at the bottom right side of the interface to successfully conclude the installation procedure.

How to Create an Online Management Account ?

Follow the directions given below to create an online management account.

       Commence the process by accessing the given link webroot.com/saf e.

       After you enter the official Webroot website, you have to search for the "My Accounts" option present at the top side of the interface.

       Click on "My Accounts," you will be redirected to a page with two options, namely, "Login" and "Create Account."

       Point and click your cursor on the "Create Account" option.

       You will come across a form-like page which you have to fill with legitimate details to create an online management account in Webroot.

       Firstly, you have to fill in the keycode that you receive through an email from Webroot after purchasing the product. Enter the 20 characters alphanumeric key code in the field designated as "Webroot Product Keycode."

       Then enter your active email address in the below field and then re-enter the email address in the field designated as "Repeat Email Address."

       In the next step, you must type a password for your Webroot account. Try to keep a strong case-sensitive alphanumeric password.

       You need to re-enter the same password in the field labeled as "Repeat Password."

       Further, you also must set a personal security code in the sixth field.

       To enhance your Webroot account's protection, you have to provide the interface with a security question and its answer in the interface.

       After you are over with filling up the form, check it once again, and then press the      " Register Now" button present at the bottom of the interface.

Frequently Asked Questions :

       How to prevent PC crashes?

If you want to prevent PC crashes, you need to update your device operating system, restrict yourself from visiting sites with pop-up advertisements, do not open the email with an unknown sender, avoid downloading free software. Most importantly, you should have well-built antivirus software such as Webroot protection suite that will monitor your computer activity and detect and eliminate digital threats on the spot.

       What is Webroot Web Threat Shield?

This is an inclusive service provided by the Webroot antivirus protection suite. The web threat shield detects the online threats in advance and allows you to surf the web safely. The web threat shield can be used with LastPass to safely create and manage passwords online without fear of data theft.

       How to renew the activation code on a Mac device after purchasing the subscription?

Firstly, you need to enter the Webroot interface. Then, search for the gear-like icon beside the "My Account" option and click on it to enter it. In the interface on the right side, you will see the designated field, enter the new keycode that you might get through the mail, or you can use the keycode from the retail card. Enter the new keycode and press "Activate" to renew the subscription for the Webroot product.